Sunday, October 25, 2009

fuzzy and red

A new scarf! It looks very full but is actually lacy if you look at it up close. But I still want a fuzzier look... I'll have to experiment more lol. That's me in the photo by the way. I'm terrible at taking photos of myself. I can't wait till I can grab some friends to model for me instead.

やっと新しいマフラーが出来ました! 動物好きな私にとっては本物のファーはあまり好きではありません... 写真のジャンパーも、もちろんフェイク。 代わりにちょっとファーっぽいニットを研究中です! う~ん...まだフワフワが足りない!!! (ファーとゆうより毛虫っぽいかも)

あ"~...やっぱり自分の写真を取るのは苦手です。 今度、友達に無理やりモデルをやってもらうつもりです!笑


  1. Pretty scarf! 8D It looks so soft<333

    And same here~~X_X Real fur is just a scary concept to me. Always think of the serial killer from Silence of the Lamb... *shudder*

  2. Thank you~! ^^

    Yeah, just the thought of wearing another animal's skin scares me, I feel too bad for whatever animal it used to be. :(