Saturday, December 25, 2010


I apologize for disappearing again... a bit of tragedy has struck my household for the past few months.
My sweet kitty Tamara after 18 long years of being with our family has gone to that big litter-box in the sky.

Ever since I was a toddler, she has graced our household with her queenly presence and jumped me from the fridge to nibble on my scalp (and I would run away screaming every time). But for the last few years she reverted back to being a sweet kitty that would drool in happiness as I pet her and fed her snacks on my lap. For the last few months she suddenly aged drastically, not being able to climb into her bed and going blind in one eye. We were hoping she would get better and my parents took good care of her while I was far away at the university.
She passed very peacefully next to my mother and me on Christmas Eve while the other cats watched worriedly by the door of our bedroom.

There's a story in Japan how cats that age past 13 or so will be a nekomata, or a demon cat. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, a nekomata is supposedly a spirit cat that has two tails and can speak and walk on two feet. (kind of like the puss in boots story) My mom and I would joke that our cat Tamara is not a normal cat, being 17 and still in great shape and bossing around the other pets. It feels odd that she's gone, it feels like she's still wandering around our home like the queen she was.

Sorry for the sudden change of pace, but hopefully I'll be back to my old crafting self soon...