Thursday, April 29, 2010

Study Time

Whoa long time no update! Finals is coming up and all my final projects/essays are due... which is not the best time to be blogging but oh well. :)

I'm sitting at Panera, sipping my frozen mocha any typing my last essay for my comparative world literature class. I'm hoping I get it done by the time I run out of coffee and scones -____-;;

Enjoy some scribbles that I drew on Te
gaki while I took a break from studying! Drawing is such a good stress reliever ~~<3


Click the link and scroll down to see who he's fighting. :)

と言うより続きを描きたい。。。でも勉強がぁ!!! 涙
AAAHHH I want to finish this drawing so bad! But I have to study!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

picking a major

Right now I'm doing interviews with my school to see which art programs I can get into. It looks like I can get into painting and sculpture for sure, but I'm not too sure about art education (which is what I was planning on doing for the sake of getting a job OH NO) If worst comes to worst I'll major in painting for my BFA and declare a second major next spring? *sigh* that's so much waiting for me...
To be honest I think I could have gotten into Art ED easy but for some reason I couldn't find the place where they were doing the interview. I wrote down one room number where I was sure it was at but the advisor wasn't in the office and I grabbed the head person of the art foundations from his office to help me look for where the interview was being held and we still couldn't find them. WHAT.
But I only have till tomorrow till the program advisors decide what majors I will be allowed to pursue. OH GOSH I'm nervous.

Other than that the club that I'm in is hosting a Japanese style Hanami picnic this weekend and a Japanese festival the week after that. I'm in charge of bringing some snacks to the picnic and I'm manning the yakisoba stand! Woo!! I'll definitely post pictures for those!

Friday, April 2, 2010

more hemp!



More hemp bracelets. :) This time a simple bangle bracelet
Available in my etsy shop if you're interested.

There's a really sudden heat wave here on campus, I can't believe that it was snowing just a week ago during Spring Break! It's inspired me to make some summery things, and when I think summer I think hemp, leather, and worn metal on the beach. :)