Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Orange Ginger and Raspberries

なっ、なんと!私のベイクドチージケーキのレシピがSozai Banzaiのメニューに載ることになりました〜!可愛いカップケーキ型にしてブルーベリーのジャムを少し上にのせて。。。
Good news, my cheesecake recipe will officially be on the menu at Sozai Banzai! They will be in forms of little cupcakes with a blueberry filling sitting in the middle. I'm actually trying to think of a good way to keep them from sinking as they cool, which works fine with bigger cakes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I plan to try adding baking powder or whipping the egg whites before adding them...

Anyways, I tried baking some orange ginger muffins. I think I used too much fresh orange since I could here it bubbling as I took it out of the oven. I don't think muffins are supposed to do that... lol. They still tasted pretty good though. That and I went out to pick some raspberries in my yard that are finally beginning to ripen. I'll save some of them at each harvest and freeze them. Once I have a lot saved up I'll make some jam to take with me to the university.