Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I apologize for not updating for so long! The weather here has been odd lately which is causing mini power outages, and that messes with my router. It's also been hot as well as rainy and my cats are trying their best to keep cool, like Panther here cooling his tummy off on the cold kitchen tiles. My family calls this his "Superman" pose. :) Not having a reliable internet connection is a bit of a pain, I've learned to prioritize what needs to be done first while my laptop stays usable.

Thanks to all the extra time spent away from my laptop, I've been doing lots of knitting. I've got plenty of hats and a few hair accessories done that will be up for sale in the September craft show! But until then I need more items for my Etsy shop as well.

Which brings big news! We will be welcoming a new member to Noraneko Alley, the new alley cat is Sam who makes wearable accessories out of those little paper lucky stars. Hopefully I'll do some collaborations with her to make cute little accessories soon.

With the time I had I managed to whip up a more colorful banner for my Etsy shop. I'm hoping to make similar pictures for each member of Noraneko Alley to use on the shop that says "Made by _member's name here_" etc. I hope the weather gets better soon...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

heart lockets

I found these adorable and super tiny heart-shaped lockets that were left over from when I bought them to make heart earrings for a friend's request, and I decided to make bracelets with them. Here is the result! A bangle bracelet with glass beads, hematite rounds, czech seed beads, and some silver-tone findings (I think they were pewter, I can't say for sure) They wrap around twice and are loose so they virtually will fit any wrist size.

I love the heart locket! It's so tiny and cute, especially the little engravings. Although I'm not sure about putting a photo in there, its so small you wouldn't be able to tell who is in the photo...



Monday, June 14, 2010

candle wax and cotton yarn

I managed to fix my longboard problem today :) all it took was a little melted candle wax in the pivot cups and it was good as new. I took poor Hei-chan out to cruise around the neighborhood bike paths today while it was dry in the afternoon. The rainy weather is continuing here, it rained this morning but thank goodness the sidewalks were dry by evening. I'm planning on re-painting the walls in my kitchen and family room but the rain is making me delay my plans...

Since I can't do much I bought a few skeins of Lily "sugar 'n cream" cotton yarn. I love it so much, the colors they have are closer to my taste and it's very durable stuff. I'm attempting to make a market bag from a pattern on Lion Brand Yarn available here for free. Wish me luck!


使ったのはLily の「Sugar 'n Cream」!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

doodles and squeaks

It's been a while since I drew anything on Tegaki, it felt good lol. This time I was listening to "nazonazo" by RADWIMPS, which means "riddle" in Japanese. I love this band, it's one of my favorites. *u*

RADWIMPS の「謎謎」を聞いていたら何かこんな感じになりました。

I feel I've been neglecting my poor Hei-chan AKA my longboard. I was calling it Dubhán before but over time it also adopted the names "Hei-chan," "Shizu-chan" (as in Heiwajima Shizuo from Drrr!) and "Kohe" (as in Nanamatsu Koheita from Nintama Rantarou). I've gotten used to screaming "ikedo~~n!!!!" when speeding down a hill thanks to this name.

...I think these are pretty accurate names lol. Both male characters who go on random rampages and are difficult to stop. I love to speed but I'm bad at braking, and I've had experience where I almost ran over some drunk sorority girls on campus. My friends who come up with these names are amazing. :)


Lately I've been having issues with extremely loud squeaking from the trucks. I tried the soap in pivot cups method but it isn't working so far. Maybe I'm not using enough soap? I'll just keep trying I guess. Does anyone have problems like this or is it just me? I use Paris 150mm trucks...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thrift shop finds and cat naps

Last week was very busy with work, there were some visiting stores at the supermarket I work at with delicious Japanese treats! Some people from Rapopo (not sure about the spelling) and Kukuru came from Japan to make sweet potato desserts and takoyaki. I must say, it was very yummy! But it was a very busy week at work which kept me away from my laptop for a while. I'm still trying to recover and can't help myself from taking little cat-naps with my sweetie Panther during the recent rainy days.


A little before the week my job got busy, I went around some thrift shops with my mom to see if we could find any neat things to use at the upcoming craft show/goodbye party for a friend. I just happened to find this adorable little picture frame for $2.


簡単に作れて机の上も可愛く♥ 今度クラフトセールで手作りアクセのディスプレイに使う事にしました。

It's a little too 'sweet-lolita' for me but I still find it attractive. I took out the old glass and added some fabric and a plastic mesh used in windows. There's some rubber strips in-between the mesh and fabric. Why do all this? To make a display for earrings of course! Since there's space between the mesh and fabric, you can stick earring hooks in the holes and display your earrings while organizing them at the same time. It's easy to make and I have a larger one I made with a vintage pewter frame for my own earrings. It's better if there was nothing behind the mesh, that way you can put studs on there too, but small picture frames don't work that way. :( But who cares! I find these very helpful since I can choose and grab earrings quickly and the frame itself is a great accessory for your desk.

It really isn't hard to make, I suggest you try it out! :) Now I'm off to make more crafts and finish drawings that I owe some people.