Friday, October 16, 2009


So, I've changed the title of this blog to fit it better with my etsy site called Noraneko Alley, which basically sums up the relationship of me and my friends who co-own the shop lol. Noraneko means alley cat in Japanese (my primary language), and we are really like alley cats. We all go at a different pace and like different things... but we sometimes hang out in the same "alley" and just chill. Sometimes we're friendly to each other and sometimes we're not, just like cats.

Anyways, lets get to the main subject of today's post: earrings! I love wearing earrings as well as making them. They are very simple and easy projects that are very forgiving when you want to be experimental. Here's just a few I've made recently for the upcoming craft show. I won't be selling these on etsy because I really need to save enough individual pieces of merchandise for that weekend and I've been slacking on crafting because of midterms. These are little cheap earrings for everyday wear, maybe $2 or $3 each?

ガラス、貝殻とワイヤーで作ったシンプルなイアリングでーす。 ちょっとシンプルすぎたかな...?

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