Monday, October 19, 2009

felt sweets!

I'll be updating with felt items today! Here's just a few little things I whipped up.
今日はフェルトのクラフトを紹介しま~す! 簡単で短い時間にできるので皆さんも試してみてはどうですか?

A pink donut cellphone strap! It's hard to tell in the photo but the bead sprinkles are red and gold colored.

A simple strawberry mousse cake magnet. The sheet magnet used on the back is stronger than I expected! I threw it at my refrigerator and it stuck to the door pretty well. It didn't fall off either. I think this magnet brand is a keeper lol.
イチゴのケーキのマグネットです。 表はフェルト、裏はマグネットのシールを貼っただけ。
でもそのわりにはけっこう強いマグネットです。 遠くから冷蔵庫に投げつけてみたらちゃんとくっつきました(笑)Here's a blueberry mousse version of the cake magnet. :)

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