Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mealy Peaches Quick-fix

Some days ago my mom bought a few white peaches that smelled delicious, but when I sliced one open last night there was a not-so-nice surprise.
The infamous brown center and mealy bits of un-flavorful fruit. Ugh! I was very upset and ended up leaving it in the fridge because I didn't know what to do with it. I tasted a tiny slice and it was crunchy in certain places and some of it still had a decent flavor while other part were very mealy and dry. Unfortunately the other peaches were the same way. This morning I decided there has to be something these can be used for, and decided to make a quick peach jam. I sliced all of the peaches thinly as shown below to save the crunchy bits for texture:
砂糖 200g
レモン汁 少々
オレンジ 二切れほどを手でちぎったもの
シナモン 少々
I finished slicing 2 medium peaches (weighed about 280 g) and I realized I still had about 90 g of raspberries from my garden that I saved in the freezer. I decided I'll go with a spiced peach-raspberry jam. Here's what I used:
- 2 medium peaches sliced (280 g)
- 90 g frozen raspberries
- 200 g granulated sugar
- lemon juice (not measured)
- tart orange segments (pith removed, not measured. Probably 1 or 2 slices worth)
- ground cinnamon (not measured, yet again lol)
- 1/2 pack of unflavored gelatin (a little more than 7 g I think?) or pectin. I used gelatin because I was out of pectin and didn't want to go shopping.

このままだとあまりおいしそうには見えないですねwww なんかグチャグチャ。。。
Mix everything other than the gelatin (which I let sit in a little water off to the side) in a pot and let sit with a lid on it for a while. I baked a pizza for lunch while I waited. The jam doesn't look very appetizing at first...
After about an hour it looks like this. Then I put it on low to medium heat until it comes to a boil and the peaches are tender. Also remember to remove the froth as much as possible. Then I add the gelatin and mix well to make it consistent.
Last but not least, pour into sterilized jars and you're done! If you don't add gelatin or pectin, this stuff makes a great sauce for ice-cream. I'll be taking a jar with me to my new apartment tomorrow.

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