Friday, July 23, 2010

It's storming outside like crazy right now, it was so sunny this afternoon though. Weather is not predictable these days. I do appreciate the rain though, it will help the plants in my garden but when it's stormy it gets so DARK in the house! My house gets a lot of natural light so we're not accustomed to turning on the lights until it's past 6PM. It was just fine while I was working at my desk, then it became visibly darker so I look up at the window and BOOM it's thundering. Crazy huh? I guess I'll be using my time tomorrow to pick up the fallen branches from my lawn from the giant willow tree by the edge of my yard...

I haven't accomplished much lately craft-wise, I've been busy making a plush roll-cake pincushion for my friend's 22nd birthday. I really want to get back into drawing soon though! :)

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