Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Surprising Return

Hello to anyone who is nice enough to still check up on this site! ;u;  I'm quite sure that many people have noticed the lack of updates here yet again, and I apologize.  It scares me a bit how long it has been since my last post. 

There has been some scary things going on in real life this year, which I do not plan to explain all of.  It has just been a lot of strange and unfortunate coincidences with funerals, friends and family in peril, and a few of my own personal issues. 

I HAVE been making things on a regular basis though.  Crafting, art, and cooking has been a big healer for me as I struggled through the end of 2011 and the first half of 2012.  The major support from friends and family has also kept me going, so one good thing that came out of the many ordeals is how it cleared up who are the really important people in my life. 
Here's just a few photos showing some things that's been going on during my break from blogging:

 A pink bunny plushie replica from Tiger & Bunny for a friend.  It's obviously lumpy from being hugged one too many times.  :) I may make more to be sold if anyone wants one for themselves or for a cosplay prop.

Here's a prototype for some round coin purses with colors/patterns inspired by Touhou characters.  I might ditch this pattern though and try out different shapes... perfectly circular patterns was harder than I expected.

My sweet little puppy!  Well, not quite a puppy anymore.  She's getting more gray hairs but she still reminds me why it's good to make emergency trips back to my parent's house every now and then.

From a fireworks show I visited with a few friends for 4th of July.  Unfortunately my camera was not very good at capturing the greatness of the giant fireworks... but it was still fun!

I won't be crafting for a bit since I need to pack up everything to move to a different apartment soon... but once I'm moved in I plan to change that!  Hopefully there will be many more creations and fun times to come.

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