Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving In...

I just moved back to the dorm yesterday, and I'm so beat! I've finally met my new roommate as well and I'm glad to know she fit in just fine with my quirky friends. :) Most people are scared away by my friends' sugar-induced energetic explosions but she seems ok. I was surprised when she was able to keep up with us. I imagine a very tiring semester of foolishness ahead of me... Now I must tend to my V-shaped sunburn on my neck from wearing a yukata all day in the blistering sun. Quad Day at UIUC is a very draining event when you are the one handing out fliers for a club!

In other news I start school tomorrow morning. Somehow I ended up with classes from 9AM to 9:20 PM... I will either drop a class or sleep like a log on my off-days. There really is not much time to be fooling around!

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