Sunday, May 23, 2010


さすがに暑過ぎて編み物もちょっと諦め。毛糸を 手に持ってるだけで暑い!

イラストのリクエスト待ちの皆さんごめんなさい! お仕事はしばらくお休みと言うことで。。。

It's hot.

Too hot. TT___TT;; The temperature is fluctuating too much for me to handle.

It has been very cool, even cold at times for my first week back from college, and suddenly its 87 °F. I should have been ok with this since it's not strange for it to be this hot, but I think my body has gotten too used to the past week's chilliness. Thanks to that my laptop keeps over-heating and I haven't been very productive. I'm trying to work on commissions and such, I promise!

Is it just me but does it feel discouraging to some to knit in the summer heat? Just holding the yarn in my hands feels scorching to me.

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