Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine cookies

I made some simple chocolate, strawberry and vanilla wafers yesterday with some friends for Valentine's Day (which is quite the excuse, I just wanted to use up the extra unsalted butter and flour sitting in my room at the dorm lol).
My friend suggested making "naruto" cookies shaped like naruto fish cakes (the little white slices with a pink swirl, it's used as a topping for hot noodles a lot in Japan) but sadly I did not roll out the dough thin enough to make a proper swirl. They aren't as elegant as we'd like but they were delicious nonetheless. Tonight I'll be handing them out to some friends who missed the baking yesterday.

A hint for the strawberry wafers: All I did was replace cocoa powder with strawberry jam in a normal chocolate wafer recipe, and added a drop of red food coloring. Oh, and I also doubled the amount of cocoa and strawberry for the dough by accident but they turned out MUCH better that way!

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