Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missing my kitties...

引っ越しの日まであと三日! あぁ~、出来れば猫たちも連れて行きたい! 大学の寮に入って一番寂しいのはペットがいないこと。 クラフトの材料も持っていくか迷ってます。 夏にはまた荷物を全部まとめて家に持って返らなきゃいけないのがちょっと問題。 無理やりでも毛糸は少し持っていくつもりです。 荷物が多すぎる~!!!
Ah, only a few more days till I move to my new dorm room. I'm already missing my house with all my little fuzzballs running around. If I could afford an apartment I would definitely take one or two of my cats with me. I'm also having issues with what craft supplies to bring. I'm giving up on my jewelry supplies but I'll try to bring some yarn and my crochet needles with me along with my art supplies.

「オイラの左フックを食らってみろ! エイッ!エイッ!」 水遊びに目覚めたパンサー君。 水とボクシングしても勝てないぞ☆
My cat Panther playing with the faucet again. He never quits!

I was looking through some clothes my sister-in-law gave me. I think Panther likes her fashion-sense lol.

愛犬クッキーです!黒いモコモコがいろんなところから飛び出す毎日。 パンサーは今Victoria's Secretの袋がお気に入り。
Panther loves Victoria's Secret! My dog cookie does not approve...

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